I Want to Join, But Where Do I Start?

Welcome to Blackwatch Brotherhood! We are happy that you’re interested in joining our gaming family! We understand that sometimes these things can be confusing so we have created this guide to help clear up anything that may need a better explanation. Click on the heading to expand the step description.

Step 1. Creating Your Account

On The Front page click “Register”. This will take you to the registration page to create your Blackwatch Brotherhood account.

Step 2. Activating Your Account

After you have filled out the requested information you will be sent an activation email to activate your account on Blackwatch Brotherhood. Remember to check your spam/junk folder in the event you can’t find the activation email.

Step 3. Start Your Application

After activating your account and getting logged into the website you will now see “Application” on the top menu bar of the website. Click on this to continue to the last and final step.

Step 4. Finishing Up

Once you are on the application page there will be a few questions to answer before you’re done. Once you have finished the application you are now an official Blackwatch Brotherhood member!

Why Do We Want This Information and How Do We Use It?

You may be asking your self why we would be asking you to provide this information. Blackwatch Brotherhood likes to know its community and what types of games you enjoy playing. The answers to the application questions in real time dynamically update Blackwatch Brotherhood’s website. What does that mean? If you look at the front page of the website you will see counters that load the amount of people per platform as pictured below. These numbers and calculations depend solely on your input in the application. Every time someone chooses the platform they play on it updates that number next to the corresponding platform.